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Berlin Historical Society Story Share: a series of round table discussions celebrating Berlin History

The Berlin Historical Society Museum is excited to announce our Story Sharing Sessions celebrating the Berlin community. Our first gathering discussed the origins of Main Street, Kensington, and drew a large, enthusiastic crowd. By popular request, we are expanding the conversation to share memories of Farmington Ave., Mill Street and New Britain Road, the main arteries of our commercial district as we knew them years ago. There will be two sessions in May so if you are not available during the daytime, you can still participate. The May evening session will include highlights of Session One. Please join in the fun, your input is invaluable. Other topics to be covered in future sessions will include remembering East Berlin, South Kensington, Worthington Ridge, Berlin Farms, Immigrants to Berlin, the Train Station and Memorial Pool. If you have memories to share or just want to listen and absorb, we hope you will join us.

Session Four: Worthington Ridge - Berlin's Historic District

When: Sep. 16th, 1:00-3:00 PM

Where: Berlin Senior Center, 33 Colonial Drive, Kensington, CT

In celebration of Berlin's Worthington Historic District, Berlin Historical Society presents another "Story Share," a series of group oral-history sessions focusing on the neighborhoods, industries and communities that characterized Berlin's past, As with previous sessions, a slide show of photos from the museum's archive will transport the audience back in time, stirring the memory pot for local legends, events and personal experiences. The free public event takes place at the Berlin Senior Center, 33 Colonial Drive, Kensington, on Wednesday, September 16th, 1-3 p.m. Attendees are asked to register by calling 860-828-7006 by September 15th. We encourage you to bring old photos to be scanned at the event.

Residents may know The Fuller Tavern, on the northeast corner at Sunset Lane and the Ridge, was noted in George Washington's diary of November 10, 1789 as being where he stopped for breakfast. No mention in the diary, but did you know legend is that townspeople waited so long for him to arrive that they were tipsy with rum, and the official greeter, "too full for utterance", unable to give his "Welcome to Worthington" speech? Despite the unraveling of ceremonies, a good time was had by all.

Everyone in Connecticut is familiar with the Berlin Turnpike, but when diverted a block to the west, accidental travelers are astonished to find a timeline of architectural history running parallel to the Pike. Visitors to our town are greatly impressed by this quintessential old New England neighborhood and its history. It's the subject of walking tours, history books and local legends.

While we will cover early history, as it is important to know where we came from, we are also interested in what people still remember. These are the stories for our group oral-history. Maybe you have memories of etching your name in the attic rafters at Worthington School, boarding the C, R & L bus at the top of Hudson Street, shopping at the First National Store, weaving leather crafts at the Community House playground, attending productions of the Berlin Playhouse, or getting a marriage license at the old Town Hall. Maybe you have memories of the personalities who lived in or near Worthington Ridge. Even if you are new to town, or grew up in other neighborhoods, there is much to learn about the Worthington Ridge Historic District area in a "walking tour" where you don't even have to leave your seat.

For more information call the Berlin Historical Museum at 860-828-5114 or find us on Facebook at

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Session Three: Berlin Fairs and Agriculture

We had another record turnout for our third Story Share session. Thank you to all who participated!

Session Two: Remembering More of Downtown

We had another great success in our second Story Share sessions. Thank you to all who participated! We are scheduling our next Story Share sessions and will keep you posted when the details are finalized.

Session One: Remembering Downtown Kensington

Thank you to all who came out to make our first Story Share such a success! With over 50 people attending, we had some great discussion and remembrances.